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What happens, when Zombies meet burritos? A tastiest zombocalypse! See for yourself as you try to survive with only burritos at your disposal.

Explore the city, find ingredients, make burritos and fight zombies with'em.


A,D - move
W or Space - jump
Left click - throw left Burrito
Right click - throw right Burrito
Mousewheel - switch burritos while in Burrito Maker

Find Ingredients

Zombies come in waves and get stronger with each wave.

There are 4 spots on the map where you can find ingredients. They respawn each wave. So you have to check them often to find most ingredients.

Make burritos

You can make them in you trailer, using ingredients that you find. Let your inner chef out and experiment, as each ingredient have different effects and combined they make have powerful cominations.

Are you dead? Play again!

The game has 6 types of zombies, with different abilities.

5 types of wrapping, 5 main ingredients, 11 additional ingredients and 5 sauces - it have great replayability :)


Unity 5
Photoshop cc


Artyom Shambalyov aka Gipzo - Modelling, Programming, Art
Nikita Bobchenko - Game-design, Testing


Ludum Dare 32 organizers and participants
Kevin MacLeod for awesome music
Google SketchUp Warehouse for some background models

P.S. By the way, some of old-old cheatcodes are working ;)


Win 32-bit
Win 64-bit
Mac OS