Match-3 Top-Down Shooter

Damage enemies to color them, try to make lines of same color and watch them explode.
But watch out - these creatures bite!


  • Mouse for aiming
  • Left mouse button for firing
  • WASD for movement
  • Esc for pause, if you want to.

How To Play

  1. Shoot enemies until they reveal their color
  2. Push enemies with you projectiles to form a line of the same color
  3. Watch them explode


  • Forming a match can produce bonuses
  • Enemies have different movement patterns that can be used for your advantage

Thanks to Bosca Ceoil the game has some sort of music.
Thanks to Bfxr the game has sound effects as well.
Thanks to Catlike Coding for bloom tutorial.
Thanks to Plassion for highscores backend.

Made for Ludum Dare 41 as Compo Entry.

Post-Compo Updates

23.04.2018: Scoreboard input now hides after sending
24.04.2018: Fixed invalid palette rendering. Found out that scoreboard feature is not working correctly in WebGL build.. need to solve this somehow


Win 14 MB
MacOS 17 MB
Linux 31 MB
Unfixed Compo Versions 67 MB

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