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I'm happy to greet you in our one big Telephone National Inc. family.

My name is Harris and I will be your mentor and supervisor, opening the doors to the new and exciting world of public service to you!
I am sure that you already know the ground principals of our work!

They are the following:
- Be nice to our subscribers
- Do not chit chat with clients
- When you want to go to lavatory, don't say it. Raise your hand instead.

The basics of operating a telephone switchboard:

  1. When you have an incoming call - the lamp will be lit above one of the sockets of the left switchboard
  2. Grab one of the output jacks from the jack board
  3. Insert it in the socket with the lighted lamp
  4. Switch on the button corresponding to the used cable, to hear the caller
  5. Usually a customer will say something like: "Please, connect me to the A14"
  6. Say something nice, to let him know that you are doing the request and grab the input jack for the cable you used to connect to the caller
  7. Insert it in the socket of the corresponding subscriber on the right switchboard. You can find it by combining letters and number on the edge of the board
  8. Now switch the button for the cable off, to not listen to the call. Eavesdropping is wrong.
  9. After the call is finished - the lamps above the the used sockets will flash. You can now remove the jacks

After a day passes you will get an evaluation from your supervisor, containing details on the statistics of:

  1. Calls received
  2. Calls connected correctly
  3. Сalls handled incorrectly
  4. Calls Disconnected Prematurely
  5. Calls duration
  6. Answer delay
  7. Connection delay
  8. Calls overheard

All of that is summarized and you are given a mark:

  • If you get a bad mark you will be warned. And if you get a bad mark the next day again, you will be fired.
  • Also, if you fail miserably and get an E - you will be fired right away. No one wants such bad servicemen.


Left mouse button - pick the jack / plug the jack

Right mouse button - drop the picked jack

Game features:

  • Accurate simulation of a mid 30s of 20th century telephone switchboard operator work
  • Intriguing score system
  • Increasing complexity
  • Perma-job-loosing


Artem Shambalev aka Gipzo -Programming, Game design

Mikita Bobchanka - Game design, Writing

Uliana Sentiurava - Art

Jura Alenin - Sounds,

Music by

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


The Operator MacOS 38 MB
The Operator Win64 36 MB
The Operator Win32 34 MB

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