It is tough to manage small flying roadside village.
Travelers always want something and they want it fast.
Knights want their spears to be repaired by best blacksmith.
Peasants want girls in taverns and pumpkin juice.
Merchant want to park their horses only in two-storied stables...

Can you pull this off? Dare to try?

Some tips:

  1. Upgrade your buildings to provide best service to travelers!
  2. You can collect pumpkins to earn some spare gold!
  3. Please your travelers with shower of pure gold coins!
  4. Craters can be fixed with gold too!



Artem Shambalev @gipzo - Programming, Game Design, Sound
Vitali Poliakou @chimerasnest - Art, Game Design
Katrina Bohush @katrina-bohush - Art

Music by
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


The Village MacOS 27 MB
The Village Win32 22 MB
The Village Win64 24 MB


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Cute but not a lot to do.

too short


Yeah, it's too short... but is was made only in 72 hours :)


Funny upgrades and power of gold too. But easy.