Run and throw back trash cans into bisons that are coming for you!

Tip: Try to grab trashcans just before they hit you, don't keep 'Grab' button pressed all the time.

Entry for GitHub Game Off 2017.
Source: GitHub

Z, W - Jump
X - Grab and Throw

Art based on sprites by DidiGameB, new animations and effects added by me.
Music by Juhani Junkala
SFX - Bfxr


Throwback OSX 25 MB
Version 0.0.5 Nov 08, 2018
Throwback Linux 37 MB
Version 0.0.5 Nov 08, 2018
Throwback Win 19 MB
Version 0.0.5 Nov 08, 2018
Throwback Win64 21 MB
Version 0.0.5 Nov 08, 2018

Also available on


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Good job! Loved the art! My score is currently at 582053 and I don't feel like I'm ever gonna lose, nor do I feel a sense of progress in difficulty. I believe if it were easier to lose and easier to get to the higher speed it would be more dinamic and rewarding. Even though I've been plating for a while, I still didn't get to the highest speed, and it seems like I'm slowed down just as easily as I speed up, but there's too large of a gap between those things happening, which could be better if stuff was getting faster.

Keep up the great work! 


I've made some balance changes for all platforms now: should be harder now :)

Nice job dude! I was following your work all time! That's really fun!

Nice job 

Really fun, great work. I also did an endless runner, really like your take on it.

Well, technically it is not endless, but it is very hard to beat ;)

The music, graphics and feeling is amazing ! Good job !
I don't really understand the losing condition though, something bisons rushes on me and sometimes they stay idle.
Also you can lose even if you correctly grab everything, did I miss something ?

When something hits you - you move  back a bit. When you are too close to bisons - you lose.